How many data centers in a country?


In this age of infotech, the data center is a very essential issue. It is said that information will be the money of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The even more details one has, the richer he is; The even more prominent. So the inquiry is the amount of data centers in which country on the planet?
Data resembles the atomic bomb of the future. If the United States is one of the most nuclear-armed countries worldwide today, why are they lagging behind the data facility? Yes, the USA has the largest number of data centers in the world. There are more than 2,700 privately possessed information centers in the nation.

Statista, a German-based research company, recently published a variety of information facilities around the world, citing the Cloudsin system, and on the internet marketplace for dealing data. Nevertheless, no government-run information facility consisted in the list. Just privately-owned data facilities are detailed.

Since February 9, the USA has 2,653 data centers, according to the Australia-based CloudSin system. The USA has a lot of data centers that the second-ranked United Kingdom lags much behind. There are 451 data centers in the UK. That suggests the USA has greater than 5 times as many data facilities as the United Kingdom. Additionally, contrasted to other countries, the USA alone has 33 percent of the globe’s information centers.

Germany places third on the listing with 442 data facilities. Next off on the list: Canada is fourth, with 269 data centers; The Netherlands is fifth with 264 data facilities; Australia is in the 6th position with 262 information centers, France with 246, Japan with 199, Russia with 145 and Brazil with 126 information centers.

Neighboring India remains in the twelfth position in the list. There are 123 information centers in the country.

Bangladesh rates 73rd on the list. There are 6 data facilities in Bangladesh, 5 of which lie in Dhaka. The other port city is Chittagong. A lot of these 3 data centers are had by an organization called Dhaka Kolo. Another information center is Kolo City, Devo Technology, as well as Zion BD. Among these, Devo Tech likewise acts as a cloud provider.

Regarding the information center, information technology, and also cybersecurity professional Tanvir Hasan Zoha told Bangla information that the value of the information center is enormous at this time. Whatever we do currently, what we see or hear– it’s all information. And these data become more crucial details with Big Data Analysis. Bangladesh needs to provide more value to this sector. At the same time, the federal government requires to make sure that the info of Bangladesh, as well as its citizens, is safeguarded. As well as an internet individual requires to be knowledgeable about the safety of their details. We need to monitor where we get on the Web and what type of info we are offering.