Love will not come to life: Pooja Cheri

Love will not come

‘Love will certainly not come to life. There is no such thing as love in my life. I’m alone, I’m fine. I am active with my job.’ Pooja Cheri, a preferred starlet of Dhaka movie theater, said the words after obtaining the telephone call. He smiled one cheek.

He stopped giggling and also asked, just how are you? After the exchange of introductions, he stated to himself, ‘Everyone wants to know regarding my love. He asks about whether he has a sweetheart or not, who he loves. However, I’m not in love. I’m thinking of a job. ‘

Whose praise is extra enjoy? The charm replied, ‘Mom. My mother constantly maintained me at bay. University of shooting, my mother is constantly my darkness. Perhaps I don’t discuss caring for my mommy straight, however, I still love my mother the most. ‘

I heard you are obtaining a lot of love deals? With a natural smile, Pooja said, ‘Before, no person recognized me. After acting in films, it can be claimed that I get regular love deals. Even if I do not respond to those proposals, I don’t feel poor regarding them. ‘

At the end of the talk, he said, there is no preparation for worship today. He will certainly talk on the phone with buddies. He is presently considering working on a brand-new film. There are a number of motion picture tales in hand. Puja Cheri will introduce them when the time comes.